NextOcean store

See the demonstration version of the NextOcean store. Showing how to access our services, view data on a map-based interface and make an order. The NextOcean store is being continuously updated and developed. Follow us to keep informed of progress.


NextOcean brochure

Download our brochure (pdf 3mb) to see how NextOcean services could help achieve sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.

Front page of NextOcean brochure

Second page of NextOcean brochure

Service factsheets

Fisheries, Monitoring and Surveillance

Fisheries Monitoring and Surveillance fact sheet

pdf 1.2mb

Characterisation of Fishing Areas

Characterisation of Fishing Areas fact sheet

pdf 2.8mb

Fish Provenance and Ecolabelling

Fish Provenance and Ecolabelling fact sheet

pdf 2.8mb

Site Risk Assessment

Site Risk Assessment fact sheet

pdf 1.8mb

Fish Farm Impacts

Fish Farm Impacts fact sheet

pdf 2.6mb

Monitoring Aquaculture Sites

Monitoring of Aquaculture Structures fact sheet

pdf 1.5mb