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Fisheries and aquaculture: they could feed the growing world's population. But it's only a viable solution if we make it sustainable. That's where NextOcean comes in.

NextOcean is a 100% co-created service delivery platform.
We provide accurate, verifiable data on the impact of fisheries and aquaculture.

High-resolution data, to give you the clearest insights you can get.

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Earth observation services for sustainable fishing and aquaculture
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If you are looking to

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Monitor fishing activities and their impact

NextOcean provides statistics and analyses on fishing areas and fishing activities. We are working towards a continuous, automated, and systematic assessment of the impact of fishing activities. This serves as a support for in-situ inspections.

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Trade sustainably, minimise bycatch and provide accurate ecolabelling

NextOcean uses Earth Observation data to monitor the location and performance of fisheries. We combine this with fisheries sector data to deliver meaningful certification of fish provenance and generate evidence of sustainability for ecolabelling.

Aquaculture farm from above

Monitor aquaculture

NextOcean monitors the locations of aquaculture cages, environmental impacts of fish farms and provides an early warning tool for operational risks from plankton blooms and pollution events. This provides regulatory authorities and responsible farmers with a cost effective evidence-based solution to ensure the continued sustainability of aquaculture.

Aquaculture farm from above

Plan for new aquaculture

NextOcean can help you to optimise new aquaculture facilities. Our services will enable you to find the ideal physical location, consider disease exposure and assess the potential environmental impact of new aquaculture. This will enable you to make informed management decisions.

NextOcean provides data on

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Fisheries, Monitoring and Surveillance

  • Automated vessel monitoring using radar and optical data with analysis for illegal fishing
  • Also available using human quality checks
FMS Service
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Characterisation of fishing areas

  • Potential fishing zones based on biophysical parameters'
  • Minimization of bycatch
CFA Service
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Fishing Activity Indicator

  • AI driven provenance assessment from captures
FAI Service

Site Risk assessment

  • Marine pollution
  • Weather and ocean parameters
SRA Service

Fish Farm Impacts

  • Water quality
  • Impact on environment
FFI Service

Monitoring of Aquaculture Structures

  • Aquaculture structure detection from satellite radar
  • Aquaculture structure detection from optical data
MAS Service

How does NextOcean contribute to the path to sustainable fishing?

Our data helps prevent disease, minimize bycatch, verify and validate information on fisheries, and more. Easy to accesss and clear as day. No time, money, or energy wasted. Essentially, we provide data so that we know - not just think, but know - that we are all doing the best we can in an ever-changing world.

Our co-creation partners

The first developmental phase of NextOcean will be completed in collaboration with our partners - Autoridade Maritima Nacional, SINTEF, I2S and CoLab +ATLANTIC.

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Meet the NextOcean service providers

NextOcean service providers span the entire European continent.

Our partners CLS, DEIMOS, IPMA and PML will define the service requirements and develop the 6 Earth observation services. NOVA will support them by implementing the go-to-market, sales, and sustainability strategies.

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